To: Dallas’ Only Daily Newspaper

From: A concerned shareholder

Re: Storm debris coverage

I realize times are tough, and you’ve cut expenses to the bone in an attempt to stay in business. And, as someone who owns 100 shares of stock, I appreciate that very much.

But one of the things that newspapers are supposed to do is report the news. And I haven’t seen a whole lot of reporting in your coverage of the city’s storm debris collection.

You quote city officials as saying that all the debris was picked up by Saturday. This is obviously not true, as this picture shows. And this one. And this one. They were taken in my neighborhood, near Dan D. Rogers, on Sunday morning. This is where reporting comes in. Just because a city official says something is true (and especially officials from this city at this time) doesn’t mean that it is true. That’s why you need to report — drive the streets, call people in the neighborhoods, send some emails, make a text or two. You’d even find out that the city missed our March bulk pickup, too.

Here’s the problem. If you don’t report the news, what’s the reason for people to read the newspaper (or for advertisers to advertise)? And how am I going to make even more money on my 100 shares of stock?

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