Back Talk reader Kyle Rains passes along this Lakewood home development update, courtesy of Robert Wilonsky and the Dallas Observer: Retail giant Stanley Marcus’ historic home in the heart of 75214 on Nonesuch Road (cost to build in the 1930s: about $150,000) is about to be torn down by the current owners, Mark and Patricia Lovvorn. Wilonsky did a great job of providing both information about the issue and plenty of links, so rather than repeat everything he said here, check his story out. Apparently, the Texas Historical Commission "governs" demolition of the structure — which basically means the owners have to wait up to 90 days from letting the THC know their plans before firing up the bulldozer. That means that, at the current pace, sometime around Nov. 1, Marcus’ home will bite the dust unless the Lovvorns change their minds, because the THC is powerless to stop them. According to Wilonsky, the cited reason for the demolition and inability to utilize the current structure is "energy inefficiency".  (Editor’s Note: The photo is taken from the Observer blog post.)

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