A group of Kiest Elementary parents are unhappy with the performance of principal Carolyn Lewis and assistant principal Gina Galvagni, and they are calling for their termination.

Parent Emma Escobedo, whose daughter is a kindergartner at the school, says parents aren’t allowed into classrooms and that students are allowed no more than two bathroom breaks a day.

"They say they use too much toilet paper and cause vandalism," Escobedo says. "But if there’s vandalism, bigger kids are doing it. Why is my daughter being punished for that?"

She accuses the principal of being rude to parents, mean to students, and she says Lewis doesn’t know the children’s names. The school doesn’t have any events and just recently started holding parent-teacher conferences, Escobedo says.

About 30 parents are behind the ouster, and they are meeting with DISD superintendent Michael Hinojosa at 2 p.m. Friday.

"We’re listening to the parents and we’re very concerned about the school climate as they are," DISD spokesman Jon Dahlander says. "We’re in listening mode, and we’re working as best we can to try and address it."

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