The School of Rock is tuning up for a monster Rockstravaganza Sunday, May 29 in Deep Ellum.

From noon-7 p.m. May 29, the myriad School of Rock bands — about 40 of them —will take to five different Deep Ellum stages at The Door, Club Dada and The Prophet.

Most of the School of Rock kids hail from the White Rock area neighborhoods. The school is located near Mockingbird and Greenville.

Here’s the best part: All of the profits from the Rockstravaganza will go to Woodrow Wilson High School and J.L. Long Middle School’s International Baccalaureate programs, which according to the school’s leaders, “provide the means to promote greater rigor in the classroom, more academic challenges for students of all income levels, the means for students to become self-aware and informed participants in both local and world affairs and an opportunity to burnish the educational reputation of the neighborhood’s landmark institution.”

Here’s where you get details and buy tickets.

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