Photo courtesy of KERA Collection at SMU G. William Jones Film and Video collection via YouTube.

An archival report from KERA shows footage of the buildings and structures around White Rock Lake in the 1970s.

In the video, the speaker talks about potential uses for landmarks such as the Pump House, the Dreyfuss Club, the Bath House and the Sunset Bay building.

Many of these buildings were constructed by laborers with the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s and 1940s.

One suggestion she had for the Pump House was to add a fine dining restaurant.

“There is talk of restaurant use for one of them,” the speaker said. “Rather than letting it just happen, could there not be a plan to house a fine dining room in the larger one, perhaps with a private ballroom for big parties upstairs?”

The speaker also suggests adding a wilderness area or bird sanctuary along the shores.

And for the Bath House, the speaker brought up the idea of using it for recreation or as meeting space. Plays, concerts and firework shows could be viewed from the grassy area behind the building.

Last week, we shared another video talking about issues at the lake, such as traffic and water pollution, that were happening at the same time.

Watch the most recent video below.