Tango Frogs will return to the same location on Lower Greenville they once graced, where the Taco Cabana now sits.

Tango Frogs will return to the same location on Lower Greenville, where Taco Cabana now sits.

If you’ve been around the neighborhood for a while, you might remember Tango Frogs, which once caused such a “ribbiting” controversy on Lower Greenville that even the New York Times had to write about it.

Well, three of the six frogs are coming back to the original location on Lower Greenville where they became an icon of national fascination.

The story goes that back in the early 80s, the six 10-foot-tall dancing frog sculptures, which were created by famed artist Bob “Daddy-O” Wade, once donned the rooftop of Shannon Wynn’s Tango nightclub at 1827 Greenville. But then there was a whole hullaballoo with Dallas City Hall about the sculptures violating the durn sign ordinance, and the dancing frogs were eventually taken down.

The frogs in Trader Joe's. Photo submitted by Ken Lampton

A mural in Trader Joe’s called Tango Frogs. Photo submitted by Ken Lampton.

Neighbor Ken Lampton, who lived on Lower Greenville at the time of the controversy, told me all about it back in September after Trader Joe’s opened and revealed their tribute to the frogs (pictured on the right). 

According to the Lower Greenville Neighborhood Association, Taco Cabana, which occupies the corner where Tango nightclub once stood, has decided to bring the Tango Frogs home as part of the recent revitalization of Lower Greenville. Tim Taft, CEO of the local parent company, Fiesta Restaurant Group, and Todd Coerver, COO of Taco Cabana, also told Guide Live all about their plans.

Taco Cabana has purchased the three frogs that have been at the Carl’s Corner truck stop on I-35, Guide Live reports

To celebrate the Tango Frogs’ homecoming, Taco Cabana will host a two-day celebration at its Lower Greenville location: On Thursday, June 26, from 4 p.m.-9 p.m., there will be an 80s-themed “Throwback Thursday” patio party with the Tango Frogs displayed for photo opportunities. There will also be a DJ, 85-cent bean and cheese taco special and the daily happy hour special. Margarita or domestic beer and an order of bean and cheese nachos for $3 (only available from 4–7 p.m.). The party is open to the public. Then on Friday, June 27, at 9 a.m., there will be an official unveiling of the Tango Frogs on top of the restaurant.

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