National Sports Lounge, or NSL, as it prefers to be known, has TVs over the toilets. Because you don’t want to miss a second of the Cowboys game just because your bladder was full. That’s the best thing about this place — their dedication to gameday is paramount. On Sundays, they have every NFL game playing on at least two TVs, and the sound from the Cowboys game is up. Last Sunday, I watched the Cowboys game on one screen while my friend watched his game (he is a Cincinnati Bengals fan, poor guy) on another, but we were facing each other, which was kind of strange, but also nice.

Our waitress, a Paris Hilton look-alike in the uniform of Daisy Dukes and Barber-jersey-turned-halter top, ignored us for about 10 minutes.  But the waitress from the next section noticed us, and gave my friend a free beer for waiting. Since it was the first Sunday of the NFL season, I was craving wings. But I cannot recommend these wings. Have them at Wing Stop before you go, or something, but don’t come to NSL hankering for wings. First, they are $6.99 for six or $12.99 for 12. I’ve never ordered hot wings at, say, JFK Airport, but that has to be the worst wings deal ever. The sauce is salty and has a lot of vinegar, but not much kick. And here’s the worst part — they’re not served with bleu cheese dressing as God intended, but a ramekin of ranch. Heresy!

I liked the shoestring potato fries ($2.99 for a big basket), especially dipped in the heretical ranch. And my friend ordered a grilled chicken sandwich, which was juicy and simple — lettuce, tomato and mayo. He liked it. The guys at the next table ordered loaded potato skins, which  looked good. That’s what I’m ordering this Sunday.

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