The sorbet and gelato case at one of NorthPark Center‘s newest restaurants is too tempting to pass up. My husband and I stopped by the other night at 9:30 p.m. (gotta love the late-night shopping hours) and sampled a few of the flavors.

One side of Cibus‘ case is sorbet (no dairy, which is good news for the lactose intolerant) and the other gelato. I tried something called "rafaello", which was described to me as white chocolate and coconut. Tasty, but we were both in a more fruity mood. My husband chose strawberry and chocolate, and I chose guava and passion fruit (two flavors in a small size, which costs $2.49). The fruit flavors were subtle and yummy, but if you like chocolate and your stomach doesn’t react to milk, I’d go with the gelato.

The cafe is more easily visible, right across from the new La Duni on the north side of Center Park, but behind the cafe is a sit-down restaurant. I also love that the cafe serves Illy coffee drinks (Italian coffee is the best), and also mixes its gelatos with liquers to create drinks "for kids 21 and over".

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