This week a group of us Advocate staffers ordered lunch from Chapman Chile Kitchen, a new little eatery specializing in fiery gourmet fare.

It only made sense then that we sample the stuffed jalapenos, filled with chicken, three kinds of cheese, onion, lime and cilantro. And unlike the deep fried version, this rendition of the dish is coated in Panko bread crumbs and baked—so it’s better for you, and you don’t compromise too much taste. These little poppers are actually quite tasty: a nice blend of cheese with just a little kick of spice, plus a good crispy texture.

We also tired the bison burgers topped with bleu cheese. If you want to kick it up a notch, you can order your patty with jalapenos mixed into the meat. The hearty burgers were plenty, making them a good deal at just $6. What was a little disappointing were the size of the cups of bison chili we ordered—they were actually closer to the size of a to-go condiment container. But at just $1 each, perhaps we should have known. The bison chili itself was good—robust with spices, and surprisingly not dry like lean game often tends to be.

The menu here definitely follows the “less is more” philosophy. In fact, aside from what I’ve mentioned, there are only a couple of salads and hot wings. And this eatery is designed for mostly takeout orders, not dine in. Those abovementioned stuffed jalapenos can also be ordered as take-and-bake party trays, just incase you want to show up to your next party with something other than chips and queso.

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