As it turns out, Ali Baba opened a day earlier than planned. I went to lunch there today with a group of my office neighbors from the Advocate.

First, lunch is buffet-style only. Dinner will remain off the menu. You pay for your lunch before you sit down ($10; drinks included as of now). The buffet is everything you would want from a Mediterranean restaurant. It was large and included plenty of meat, plenty of salads and lots of sides, including the hummus, which in my opinion, is the best in Dallas. The shish tawook (chicken) was awesome while the lamb with tzatziki was wonderful. I ate way too much and spent way too much time there.

What I found interesting was that the place was crowded. I am not sure how people knew to show up, but if this is any premonition of the future success, I will say Ali Baba will finally make that location a home run.

My only complaint was none of the dishes were labeled. I found it hard to figure out what some of the food was that I have never tried.

Now I am off for my afternoon nap …

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