The Promise of Peace community garden, which broke ground in the back parking lot of White Rock United Methodist Church in Little Forest Hills in summer 2013, is building two new gardens this spring, says founder Elizabeth Dry.

One will be located off Henderson and the other will be at W. H. Gaston Middle School.

“Its an exciting time fo the Promise of Peace as SMU Cox School of business has taken our home grown non-profit on as a project, to build our capacity to build more gardens,” Dry says in an email.

In order to raise money for the expansion, Promise of Peace is hosting three fundraisers.

The first will be at Peak & Elm Cocina Y Bar at 132 N. Peak on Feb. 11 from 4-8 p.m. The second will be at Trinity Groves on March 15. Details to be announced. The details for the third fundraiser are also pending.

For more information, or to donate via paypal, go to promiseofpeaceprace.us or find the details on the Facebook event page.

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