Porky 6235 St. Moritz 6.1.16 v2

After reading about Porky’s experience at Mockingbird and Abrams, neighbor Ginny Booth pointed out this horrible stretch of St. Moritz Avenue just north of the St. Thomas Aquinas Lower School and the Tom Thumb in the northwest corner of Mockingbird and Abrams.

“There are at least three large potholes that are six inches deep or more,” Ginny told us, and she is correct.

The photos don’t do this crappy stretch of street justice — in addition to lots of patches and places that need patching, there are a number of flat-out significant potholes that would happily tear up the bottom of a car or flatten a tire, and probably already have done so.

To give you a better perspective, check out the photo at the end of this post. In it, you’ll see Porky still in the pothole pictured above, but with a view that takes in more of the street — and more potholes. And when considering the pothole sizes, remember that Porky lying flat is about the size of a piece of paper.

As always, we’ve reported this pothole to the City’s 311 online portal; the report number is 16-00255979, if you want to follow along. The City’s portal promises a response to the initial report in three days, with a service followup five days later.

Porky 6235 St. Moritz 6.1.16

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