Some neighborhoods in East Dallas need street, alley or sidewalk paving. The City has property owner petition programs to assist the neighborhoods in up-grading their infrastructure.

Improvements to an unimproved street, alley, or sidewalk can be accomplished through the Property Owner Petition Program administered through the Public Works and Transportation Department.

Citizens serving as a petition sponsor receive a petition indicating the limits of the proposed project, a block map of the location and a list of all property owners abutting the project.

The petition requires signatures from two-thirds of the property owners who own 50 percent or more of the total property frontage or signatures from 50 percent of the property owners who own at least two-thirds of the frontage on the street or alley.

Each property owner along the proposed project shares in the cost for the improvements. The assessment cost is based on the zoning; whether the proposed improvement is along the front, side or rear of the lot; the linear frontage owned adjacent to the proposed improvement; and the width of the street, alley, sidewalk, and drive to be constructed. The assessment rate is based on construction costs.

After construction is completed, property owners are billed by the Revenue and Taxation Division of the City Controller’s Office. Payments can be made in full without interest within 30 days of the first billing. Periodic payments are available for one to 10 years with an interest rate not to exceed eight percent.

Low- and moderate-income residents who own and occupy their property as a homestead can apply for Paving Assessment Grants that pay their assessment in full. Eligible property owners are required to complete an application and provide proof of income and ownership.

Street projects require about 24 months of construction preparation, which includes plan engineering and utility adjustments. Actual construction time depends on the size of the project and the scope of utility adjustments.

Alley construction is, however, dependent on the ability of the City to provide the necessary funds to begin construction.

The assessment policy also applies to paving projects initiated through Neighborhood Renaissance Partnership Program, Target Neighborhood Program, Sidewalk Replacement Petition Program and major thoroughfares improved through a Capital Improvement Bond Program.

I hope that you will volunteer to be the petition leader for your block. Funds are available for these projects. By working together, we can make our neighborhoods better places to live, work and play.

If you have questions, need additional information or would like to initiate a project for your neighborhood, please call the Public Works and Transportation Department Neighborhood Improvements Division at 948-4270.

Of course, you can also call Adela Sanchez in my office at 670-4048.

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