Photography by Julia Newman.

How it started:

The Clarks sold their home in Belmont Addition in January 2020 to a couple in New York. “We had no idea what was coming,” Nora Clark says. The couple purchased a new home near U.S. 75, and by March, they had applied for permits to remodel. The pandemic caused a backlog, preventing them from moving forward on the project. With the buyers trapped in New York because of COVID-related travel restrictions, the Clarks subleased their home in Belmont until they could move into their new place. The home market was booming despite the pandemic, and Clark, a real estate agent, had several listings. She adjusted to a virtual market, posting videos online and conducting virtual tours. “It was crazy trying to deal with increased volume while having the kids at home,” Clark says. Around that time, Clark’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, but hospitals considered her treatment elective, and it was indefinitely postponed.

How it’s going:

The Clarks finally moved into their new house over the summer. Home sales remained strong through the remainder of 2020. The pandemic played a role as families relocated from the coasts and young people moved out of their apartments and into more space. More and more people purchased their homes unseen with longer inspection periods. “We sold everything,” Clark says, “but with real estate, you never know when it’s going to drop off.” Her husband, Will, is a psychiatrist at UT Southwestern. Many of his patients are referred through the emergency room, and his team had to quickly implement testing and isolation protocols. Clark worried about his work environment until he received the vaccine. Her mother received cancer treatment during a summer window when elective surgeries resumed. She is now in remission.

On the bright side:

“The big takeaway for me is that this has made me feel so incredibly lucky,” Clark says. “I have never spent so much time with my children and my husband. I appreciate the fact that I have a job. It makes you recognize what’s really important. I am grateful for the good things I have in my life.”

The future:

“I’m looking forward to being able to socialize with family and friends in a way that feels safe,” Clark says. “I’m looking forward to travel. I’m planning more trips than my husband has vacation time for.”

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