After that bad storm last June that knocked power out in Lakewood and tens of thousands of homes all over the area, Oncor started trimming trees, those enemies of power lines. That led to a lot of subcontractors taking chunks out of trees and a lot of ticked off neighbors whose trees were mutilated in the name of keeping the lights on.

In response, Oncor is launching a pilot program in Lakewood that takes a more personal approach to tree trimming. Oncor has hired a team of arborists who will “be visiting with customers prior to pruning to explain what they can expect and provide answers to their questions about the pruning that is needed.  The arborists will be meeting at the customers’ homes so each cut on each tree can be discussed if the customer desires.”

That seems like a much more sensitive approach compared to customer complaints last year that Oncor subcontractors didn’t know what they were doing and didn’t communicate effectively.

An Oncor press release says the utility will assess the program in the fall.

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