courtesy of NorthPark (1970)

Christmas shopping at NorthPark can be a bit daunting. Parking is a test in patience and self-control. Inside, the massive corridors are as crowded as a Tokyo subway. My advice—shop local but enjoy a trip to NorthPark for the art.

Kids are drawn to the water feature outside Neiman-Marcus filled with ducks or turtles or both. The raised, curved planter boxes, worn slippery smooth by kids’ backsides, provide natural slides and entertainment—the perfect people watching spot.

But while you watch the children scoot on sock feet as parents brave Williams-Sonoma, be sure to look up. High above weary shoppers and enthusiastic kids, above the ducks and turtles, Santa and his reindeer soar.

The vision of Patsy Nasher, wife of NorthPark founder Raymond Nasher, Santa and reindeer are made entirely of natural materials including eighteen bushels of whole pecans, eight bushels of whole almonds, and ten pounds of various candies.

Look closely and you will see a variety of favorite nuts and sweets. Dasher, Dancer, Prancer are constructed of pecans and almonds. Santa’s suit —red licorice. That twinkle in his eye—blue jelly beans.

NorthPark’s most delicious piece of art…

Since 1965, Santa has flown high above NorthPark. Candies are replaced as needed, but he hasn’t changed.

Santa never changes.