A friend begged me not to write this: “If you blog about Eagle pool, then everyone will know about it.” But here’s the thing. I’m pretty sure everyone already knows. On a typical weekend, some 300 people spread out on the lawn surrounding the pool at the Fraternal Order of Eagles No. 3108 clubhouse.

New Dallas city ordinances have forced the club to make a few changes this year. Of course, there’s no smoking indoors now. But the Eagles now have a full-service outdoor bar, where you can smoke it up all you want. Another ordinance prohibits food, drinks and smoking within four feet of a public pool. So no drinking and smoking on the inflatable rafts this summer. “Yeah, that was a big pastime last summer – beers on the floaties,” said trustee Jeremy Adams.

The organization also is allowing volunteers from the Jimmy Durante Children’s Fund to run its snack counter two weekends a month this summer. Last weekend, they raised $1,400 for the fund. The F.O.E. raised about $5,700 for charities last year, Adams said. The pool technically is open all year, but the place stays packed on weekends all summer. It’s $5 to get in and the drinks are cheap.

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