Photography by Jessica Turner.

“For a little dog, he’s pretty fearless.”

Mini Cooper is a small pup with a big personality and a can’t-miss presence. 

Katherine Baronet adopted this 9-year-old chihuahua about eight years ago. She started out fostering Mini Cooper but instantly fell in love and knew she wanted to keep him.

The tiny dog with a sweet disposition only has one eye.

“He had two eyes when I got him, but one of them was really small, and after about three months I could tell it was really irritating him because he kept batting it with his paw,” Baronet says. 

An eye specialist found no retina activity and removed it. 

Mini Cooper doesn’t let that stop him. He loves to play and be around people, and he’ll high-five for a treat.

The dog is so approachable, and curious people always ask her what happened to his eye, Baronet says.

In many cases, people mistake him for a puppy because of his size, but the 6.5-pound Chihuahua doesn’t mind the attention.

“He wants to be loved and he wants to love in return,” Baronet says.

Mini Cooper was one of The Advocate’s Puppy Photo Contest winners, and Baronet says it felt great to win. 

Mini Cooper already has a strong presence on Facebook and is loved by her friends and family. When she saw the contest, she put her mind to it and knew he would win. 

“He’s a good companion,” she says. “He’s an essential part of my life.”

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