Photography by Jessica Turner.

MAGGIE’S BOLD SPIRIT came to the Truppa family at just the right time. 

They adopted her early in the pandemic, shortly after their two pomeranians died. 

“Losing our two dogs last year just really hit us hard when we were in a year that was already hard,” Lisa Truppa says. “Maggie had really really big shoes to fill.” 

The 8-pound pomeranian instantly became a member of the family and bonded with her canine sister, Zoey, a 75-pound black lab. Shortly after, Truppa and her husband, Tony, added Gracie, a 20-pound goldendoodle, to their family. 

Maggie is the smallest one, but she has the biggest personality, Truppa says. 

“You’re going to know she’s in the room right away,” she says. “And she’s convinced that you’ve come to play with just her, and everybody else is just there for decoration as far as she’s concerned.”

Maggie loves to play and prefers the big dogs’ toys. You’ll find her dragging ones as big as she is, the largest she can handle.

“She’s all of 8 pounds, but she thinks she’s closer to 80,” Truppa says. “She definitely rules the household in all ways, us included.”

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