Photography by Jessica Turner.

THE FLORENCE FAMILY ADOPTED BENTLEY in December 2019 after they lost their beloved Boston terrier, Lucy. The 13-pound Yorkshire terrier/shih tzu mix filled a hole in their heart. 

The family decided to look into adopting a rescue, and after searching for a while, they went to East Lake Pet Orphanage. They saw Bentley and instantly knew he was the right dog for them. 

“He was so happy to see us and friendly and jumping up and down in his cage,” Kristi Florence says. “We just fell in love right away.”

They adopted the former stray the very next day. 

The orphanage estimated Bentley to be anywhere from 3 to 5 years old. When they found him, his hair was matted down, but after some grooming, a fluffy puppy emerged. 

Florence says he was anxious at first but still had a bright spirit.

“He was just happy,” she says. “Happy to be in a home.” 

The newest member of the Florence family now spends his days going on numerous walks and chasing squirrels.

Unlike most dogs, Bentley isn’t motivated by food, and treats don’t appeal to him. 

“He just likes attention,” says Florence.

Bentley was spoiled with attention after the family of four stayed in their East Dallas home for most of 2020. The Florences say their pandemic pup makes their lives more entertaining.

“You can’t help but smile when you’re around him,” Caroline Florence says. “He loves everyone he meets, and he is enthusiastic about life.”

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