Like a little variety in your Tex-Mex and tunes? This place offers it in both

La Parrillada is a mouthful, in more ways than one. The name’s a tough one if you don’t speak Spanish, so you might just want to say “meat on the grill” instead. That’s the basic translation for the name, and food-wise, it’s the restaurant’s specialty.

Along with standard Tex-Mex offerings, the restaurant offers a large variety of grilled meat, and plenty of it per order. Diners can choose from the standard beef, chicken and shrimp, along with lesser-known meat such as carnitas (pork), tablitas (short ribs) and tripas (intestines). Some may wince at the thought of eating the latter, but co-owner Jaime Perez says it’s a very popular one.

“Once you have them, you’ll be hooked. They’ll have you coming back for more,” he says.

The restaurant’s other specialty, Perez says, is the music, offered live four nights a week. On Wednesdays and Thursdays is flamenco music, with a bit of classic rock thrown in by a group called Chilo. On Friday and Saturday nights, the band Mosaic plays a variety of Latin jazz.

La Parrillada
7260 Gaston (near Garland)

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