A Belgian beer bar that was slated to open in the former San Francisco Rose will move to a new location on Greenville Avenue, the Dallas Morning News reported.

Owners Jeff Karetnick and April Segovia planned to open Meyboom Brasserie on Aug. 9, 2020, the day a parade of the same name takes place in Brussels. But the opening was delayed several months because of the pandemic. Then the couple struggled to secure parking on Greenville Avenue.

“This process took many months and countless nights learning about Dallas parking regulations, legal remedies and, of course, learning all this while drinking Belgian beer,” the pair wrote. “In the end, we decided to move to a different location that would be able to accommodate the parking needs of our customers.”

The new location on Greenville Avenue has not yet been disclosed.

When it opens, Meyboom Brasserie will sell beer, frites and Liège waffles.