Matt’s No Place is really some place now. It is next door to Matt’s Rancho Martinez in the Lakewood Shopping Center.

Matt’s No Place is casual, but elegant. I suggest making reservations for weekend nights.

The menu is small, but has something for everyone. The appetizers range from cowboy beans with cornbread cake for $3.95 to creek bottom shrimp for $6.75.

The entrees include your choice of soup or salad, a side dish and homemade bread. The turkey tenderloin is more food than any one person can eat. It is skillfully grilled to maintain the natural juices of the meat. When served with a side dish of spinach, it is a real treat. Other unique items are quail and frog legs. The entrees range from $8.75 to $15.95.

The service is friendly and efficient. It must be good because even Julia Child stopped in for dinner, and I was told she enjoyed it.

There are probably not many nights when you crave Salvadoran food.

But after you try Gloria’s Restaurant, Salvadoran could easily become a household word. It is that good. Gloria’s recently opened at 5306 LBJ (at Abrams) in the restaurant space of the Regal Hotel. Atmosphere is not the feature attraction at Gloria’s, it is the food and the value.

The menu has a big selection and even contains Mexican food dishes, even though the Salvadoran selections are enough to keep you satisfied. The tamales are different from what most of us are used to. They are filled with potatoes, sweet peppers, tomatoes and spicy chicken, and wrapped and steamed in a banana leaf. They are light and tasteful.

Shrimp connoisseurs will appreciate the Camarones al Mojo de Ajo. It is eight large shrimp lightly sautéed in a garlic sauce and served on a bed of Spanish rice. Catfish lovers are in for a treat with the Filete de Pescado a la Plancha. A large catfish broiled in a light seasoning and served with Spanish rice and black beans. The beef eaters will enjoy the Carrie Adobada, a flank steak charbroiled and cooked in a mild tomato sauce and served with rice, black beans and Salvadoran salad. Prices are reasonable from $4.75 to $8.

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