Donald Kissinger receives his prize from Rachel Pigman, left, and Dana Jones of Neighborhood Credit Union.

Donald Kissinger didn’t know what to expect when his doorbell rang Friday morning. An oversized check in his name was the last thing he envisioned before he opened his front door. Staff members from Neighborhood Credit Union were on his porch to present their $49,999.99 grand prize, awarded annually after a drawing on Jan. 1.

Kissinger has been a Neighborhood Credit Union member for decades. His father joined in the 1940s when it was still the Dallas Postal Credit Union. He said his parents instilled in him the importance of saving money.

Donald Kissinger with Dana Jones of Neighborhood Credit Union.

“My dad taught me to put away 10 percent of anything I made,” Kissinger said. “I started saving at the age of 16.”

Kissinger grew up in East Dallas and joined the Navy, serving two tours of duty in Vietnam. After returning to Dallas, he worked with the inventor of the Post-It Note and eventually retired from the 3M Corporation after 35 years. Six years ago, he moved to Lake Highlands to care for his elderly mother.

The prize was a relief and a great way to shake off a difficult few months, he said.

“I had to bury a lot of people in 2019 and am glad that year is gone,” he said. “This is a very good start to a new year.”

Kissinger said he plans to keep most of the funds in his Prize Savings Account, although he may spend some of it on a trip to Europe and treat his friends.

“I was in Paris on 9/11 and have not been there since,” he said. “I think it might be time to go back. That is, after I go to Circle Grill and treat my friends to a celebratory coffee.”

Kissinger’s name was drawn from all credit union PSA holders, who receive one drawing entry for every $25 monthly average balance in their PSA. Weekly drawings and the annual grand prize are designed to encourage members to develop good savings habits.

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