A Lochwood resident and printer is supplying neighborhood-inspired masks to protect and support the community during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We have a tight-knit community, incredibly creative folks and people who like to figure out how to serve neighbors,” said Scott Robson, president of the Lochwood Neighborhood Association.

Raul Ruiz of CorDirect has created five designs to choose from. Some pay tribute to the neighborhood’s founding in 1954. Another harkens back to the area’s Scottish history with a plaid design.

“I’m president of the neighborhood association, but another title is cheerleader,” Robson said. “When someone comes up with a great idea, I cheer them on.”

The face coverings have three layers of protection and three ear holes that fit heads large to small. They are reusable and machine washable.

The masks are $7.50 each. Ten percent of proceeds will benefit the Lochwood Neighborhood Association.

Orders must be placed online by Aug. 31. They can be picked up seven days after ordering at CorDirect, 2809 National Drive, or Sept. 12 at Lochwood Park.

“People are pumped and very excited about them,” Robson said. “This is vey unique because it’s not just merchandise that makes people happy to live in Lochwood. This is a real service to neighbors.”