The team at CoSpero consulting will help craft the City’s equity and inclusion plan.

The East Dallas-based social impact firm CoSpero will create Dallas’ first Racial Equity Plan.

The team at CoSpero has been commissioned to work with the City of Dallas Office of Equity and Inclusion and engage with the public to craft a plan — quantifiable goals and accountability metrics — by summer 2022 to improve racial equity in Dallas.

Former teachers Harold Hogue and Lauren Coppedge founded the consulting company and reportedly employ “a diverse team of problem solvers, community strategists and educators,” according to an announcement from CoSpero. Hogue, a managing partner, says the RFP represents a “small step toward creating a more just Dallas.”

Says Hogue, “We believe infusing the lived experiences and perspectives of Dallas community members—especially those who’ve been historically disregarded  —in the REP’s creation is one small step towards creating a more just Dallas.”

The team says its community engagement process will prioritize areas in Dallas most impacted by racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic disparities. They have created tailored in-person and virtual engagement strategies to maximize participation for all residents, especially those disproportionately impacted by inequities.

“For far too long, many residents haven’t been afforded equitable access to resources and opportunities to fully experience all that Dallas has to offer,” Coppedge says. “CoSpero listens intently to the voices of those most impacted by the issues so that our solutions address the systemic inequities and everyday challenges individuals face.”

The consultants are seeking input on which racial equity measures will best help the City dismantle racial disparities, as well as how progress should be tracked so that you know where headway is being made and where there is still work to be done. Residents can log onto the We Are One website to get involved.