Winfrey Point. Photo by Renee Umsted.

The Dallas Park and Recreation Department is installing litter booms to help clean up White Rock Lake.

A litter boom, a floating barrier that helps prevent trash from flowing downstream, was installed Tuesday at the Dixon Branch, according to a representative from the Dallas Park and Recreation Department. And there are plans to install another near the Reinhardt Branch.

In addition, the park department is working to address overcrowding and parking issues near Winfrey Point.

There are a few ball fields near the building, and when games are happening at the same time on each field, the parking lots fill up, and sometimes people park on the grass.

So city staff have been scheduling baseball games so that all three fields aren’t being used on days when there are two events at Winfrey Point. They’re also not booking too many new, large events and encouraging races and similar events to start at other lake locations.

For the safety update presented at the White Rock Lake Task Force’s April meeting, click here.