Cyclist on White Rock Lake. Photography by Danny Fulgencio

Photography by Danny Fulgencio

Two bodies were pulled from White Rock Lake over the course of two weeks.

The first, a female, was found March 25. That person has not yet been identified, and the cause of death is still unknown, according to the police officer who briefed the White Rock Lake Task Force at its April meeting.

Then on April 7, a male body was found near Garland Road. That person has been identified, but the name was not released. The next of kin has been notified. However, investigators have not determined a cause of death.

Though a murder or body dump could be possible, deaths could also be related to mental health issues or suicide, the police officer said.

Officers also arrested a burglar on March 27.

A park user had reported the burglary to police officers who were passing by shortly after the crime occurred at 4600 W. Lawther Drive. The suspect hadn’t gone too far, so the officers found and arrested the burglar. Because the person had prior convictions, it was a felony arrest.

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