Photo by Danny Fulgencio

After seeing demands from the City Manager and an Instagram account with pictures of bike-share disaster, LimeBike is getting ahead of the regulations that are heading its way from the City of Dallas.

CultureMap reports that a LimeBike memo to the City of Dallas says company representatives have heard the community’s critiques “loud and clear” and are ready to respond.

The memo says LimeBike will increase the size of the local operations team, stop new bike deliveries to Dallas and make sure the bikes are better spread throughout the city.

LimeBike has teams focused on several areas in East Dallas, including Lower Greenville, White Rock Lake and The Village Apartments. These teams make sure the bikes are upright and distributed in high-use areas.

LimeBike received feedback that there are too many bikes around White Rock Lake, but said the area is also where demand is the highest. “Nonetheless, we will expand our operations presence at parks and trails to ensure our bikes do not impede the ability of Dallas residents and visitors to enjoy these wonderful public spaces,” the statement reads.

The company, which plans to have no more than four to six bicycles in one place unless it is a high-demand area, hopes to use a sensor to detect toppled bikes and release a series of videos detailing bike-share etiquette.

The statement also details the number of Dallas riders who have used LimeBike (69,879) and the total number of rides (183,514) as well as the bikes’ supposed environmental impact (4,244 trees worth of carbon dioxide saved) and health benefits (more than 11,000 Chick-fil-A chicken sandwiches worth of calories burned).