Liberty’s Wild West burger

Liberty Burger is closing four different locations across DFW, but our beloved neighborhood spot is safe. Thank goodness! Lakewood loves Liberty Burger so much, it was voted Best Burger and one of the top 3 Lunch Spots for 2018.

Fortunately for us, Lakewood Liberty Burger shouldn’t be closing anytime soon. The four locations closing are in Fort Worth, Frisco, West Carrollton and Las Colinas. We know Fort Worth didn’t appreciate its greatness as much as we do, calling it “pricey” and “insanely expensive.” But that’s not what killed these franchises.

The Franchise-owner behind the four closing locations wasn’t keeping up his end of the franchise agreement, so Liberty Burger is severing ties with these locations.

Since that’s the case, we hope this means our Liberty Burger will be around for a good long while.

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