Is there a career woman among us who hasn’t either fallen asleep in her office clothes or worked in her pajamas? Thanks to neighbor Anna Brindley, it’s OK, either way. Brindley has fashioned an outfit that’s fine for the bedroom or the boardroom. The cornerstone of her Suitable AnyWear luxury loungewear line is a two-piece black flannel pantsuit that closely resembles the staple included in the wardrobe of any girl who has held an office job. Brindley always dressed sharply when making sales calls, before she started working from home. Though she labored just as diligently (and then some) from her home office, her attire didn’t always reflect that. “I rolled out of bed one day, grabbed my coffee and started working at my computer. Around 4 p.m., a delivery guy came to the house, and a little later a friend dropped in, and I thought, ‘Wow, these people must think I am a loser here in my pajamas at 4 in the afternoon’.” That’s when Brindley put together a prototype of what she calls professional-looking loungewear. “I walked outside in it, and a neighbor asked where I was going all dressed up” — the exact reaction for which she’d hoped.  With more women working and launching businesses from home, Brindley hopes she can fill a niche for cozy yet corporate-esque clothing in women’s fashion. If the suits are successful, she plans to follow with slippers, camisoles and other accoutrements. Brindley’s judicious jammies cost in the $140 range online at or at Talulah Belle in the Lakewood Shopping Center.