Whole Foods chicken noodle soup

Stupid mutated A strain is bringing everyone down. Not to mention the perpetual congestion and coughing that seems to have been around since August (in my family, at least).

Since there’s no cure for the common cold, and Tamiflu can do no more than reduce flu symptoms, my go-to is chicken soup. And not just any chicken soup — Whole Foods chicken noodle soup in the meat and seafood department.

That last part is important. The Lakewood Whole Foods actually sells two chicken noodle soups, one with the mostly vegetarian soups near the salad bars, and one with chili, gumbo and the other heartier, meatier soups near the seafood and meat counters. The former has spiral noodles, shredded chicken and is spicier with a bit more broth.

The latter — the one I crave when illness befalls — has chunks of smoked chicken and those thick noodles that my Nana makes and that the Pioneer Woman uses in her soups. I’ve tried many a chicken soup in our neighborhood, and this one is the best. I’m not even sure why Whole Foods sells a second chicken noodle soup. (Maybe other palates would beg to differ.)

Stock up, people. One of those big, 32 oz. containers is $9.49. That’s a steal when you’re fighting a nasty virus.

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