Running for Carter Albrecht

Few can closely identify with the serious runner — the compulsives can’t tell you exactly why they do it, only that they can’t not run. Others, like Jayson Bales, are driven by a cause.

Chacon Autos’ fifty years

On an old East Dallas used-auto lot, inside a busy redbrick office, Grandma sits with perfect posture behind a humble cherry wood desk answering phones, taking online financing applications, and chatting with customers.

Global Village Market

In an answer to the consumer-driven Christmas, a small East Dallas church plans to kick off the holiday season with shopping that serves a bigger purpose — a global purpose.

Q&A: KERA’s Bill Young

The truth is that most of his work occurs behind the scenes, screening shows and deciding what we, the viewers, will watch.

iPhone app, JiggleU

Neighborhood resident Dennis Baldwin was simply doing what he does best, creating software for gadgets, this time Apple’s iPhone, when he thought up this application that lets users speed dial with a shake.

Happy 100th, Mel Chesnut

When he first moved to Dallas, the Garland-Buckner intersection was “nothing but a crossroads,” Chesnut says. “I watched the Casa Linda (Plaza) being built.”

Bloodsport Trivia

Put these household items in the order they were invented: Felt tip pens, Sony Walkman, Tupperware, and the touchtone phone.

Right As Rain Fresh

What the business really boils down to is a family creating, with meticulous integrity, a product they believe in.

True Crime: Graffiti victim

Chad Burkhardt didn’t even know he was the victim of graffiti, but he knew something was up when he saw and heard the commotion…