Put these household items in the order they were invented: Felt tip pens, Sony Walkman, Tupperware, and the touchtone phone. This, the Bloodsport Trivia equivalent of “Final Jeopardy”, would make or break one of the neighborhood’s winningest trivia teams. In the end, an inability to agree on an answer cost the team the championship. “We had a pretty good feel for it, but could not reach a consensus as to whether felt tip pens debuted before touchtone phones,” says Michael Buchanan, a member of the 89-Man Marchers trivia team. Call it a battle of intellect or an excuse to recurrently hang out at the bar for a couple hours during the week. Either way, on any given Tuesday you’re sure to find a neighbor or two at the Tipperary Inn, vying for Bloodsport Trivia prizes that include $20-$40 gift certificates and Pez candy dispensers, the booby prize, but all anyone really wants is bragging rights. Vince George, regrettably out of town for business on this, the night of household item sequencing, leads the 89-Man Marchers team, which comprises folks affiliated mostly by way of Woodrow Wilson High School. “Most of us have kids who went through the public school system,” explains team member Steve Miller. In addition to George, Buchanan and Miller, regular teammates include Catherine Pate, Gray Powers, Rick Halasz, Steve Miller, Kenny Rogers, Vic Vines, Rob Delph and Tom Byrne — they are doctors, attorneys and teachers (Pate heads up Woodrow’s award-winning mock trial team) but on Tuesdays at the trivia tables, they are just comrades searching for answers.