Milan Bender, 25, is a fish in the water at the Rain Fresh plant — he easily and enthusiastically walks visitors through the ostensibly bewildering micro-filtration/reverse osmosis/ magnetic/ultraviolet water treatment process, which takes place inside a warehouse that actually seems small for such an intense operation. But after talking to founder Cindy Camp (Milan’s mom) for a while, it seems right-sized. What the business really boils down to is a family creating, with meticulous integrity, a product they believe in, Camp says. They want to keep the company simple and pure, like the water. “We aren’t Ozarka,” says Camp, “and we aren’t really trying to be.” That product is oxygen-rich purified water, which some say is beneficial in preventing illness, curing headaches and increasing energy, to name a few. Camp and her ex-husband started treating and bottling water out of their Tyler, TX home more than 20 years ago, when they realized so-called distilled water on store shelves wasn’t so pure. “We tested some of the water on the market and found even filtered water contained contaminants, so we started making our own and inadvertently we came across the process that oxygenates the water.” After about five years, Whole Foods Market discovered Camp’s creation, and once the influential organic supermarket began stocking Rain Fresh, the rest was history. Camp and her six children, Milan, Aaron, Ariel, Havilah, Ethan and Isaac, moved to the White Rock area, set up shop in Garland, and have been putting out their pristine product ever since.