The tree in its former life

Yes, it is already dead, but the saga goes on.

Recap: The very-old tree at the Bath House Cultural Center at White Rock Lake was sentenced to die. The Park Department arborists cut it down a few weeks ago. Creative neighborhood treehuggers turned the stump into a beautiful work of art. But then the Park people returned to ground the stump away forever. Unexpectedly, though, the city workers saved the art, a massive butterfly in wood. It was to be stored at the Bath House and turned into a table.

Then we get this comment from Amy Martin, founder of Earth Rhythms, the folks who saved the stump:

“The slice of tree with the butterfly art is in danger! The White Rock Lake Foundation is having a bunch of big events there this weekend and is demanding the the butterfly be removed from the property. They won’t even let us store it in the basement! JD Tree Company is going to try and free up some equipment to move it to their place in Oak Cliff. They will be able to mill it so that it will fit on the cast-iron table frame. But it may take about 10 strong men or women to move it. A flash-mover mob may be needed.”

My first instinct is: seems like a lot of trouble for a tree stump, even if it does look really pretty now. I guess I didn’t realize that the stump weighs like 1,000 pounds.

But deep down, I root for this formerly magnificent elm’s afterlife as a table. I really do, which is why I keep bringing up the topic here on the blog.

Luckily, JD Tree Service is coming to pick it up. I mean, not for free or anything—but they took the gig:

From Amy Martin:

“Oh yes they did! They are saving the butterfly tree! JD Tree Service is picking it up tomorrow and taking it to their Oak Cliff facility. (The 6×8 foot slab weighs a ton – literally! – so it’s no small task, takes a big rig.) There they will mill and treat it so that it can become a table. While we are getting a great rate, funds will be needed, about $800.”

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