Beside One Fern

On May 9, neighbors will elect a new District 9 leader for the first time in eight years. Five men are running to fill the open seat, which covers East Dallas and the White Rock area: Christopher Jackson, Darren Boruff, Mark Clayton, Sam Merten and Will Logg.

We’ve been covering the 2015 city council race here on since early this year. Here, you’ll find: the basics about each candidate, how much money it actually takes to run for city council, why there are no women in the race, what the Trinity Toll Road means to our neighborhood, plus some debate coverage. Find information on more upcoming forums. Advocate columnist Angela Hunt also has weighed in on why it’s so important to vote in this year’s election.

Now, you can watch the candidates answer our questions in a new Advocate video series. Over the past few weeks, we’ve had each of them sit down in our studio, next to our lovely (borrowed) fern to discuss how they’d govern if elected. Each candidate appears in two short videos — one traditional Q&A, and one “lightning round.” Some of their answers to our tough-yet-playful questions might surprise you.

We’ll be rolling out each part online this week, but in the meantime you can access the entire series here.

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