DISD Michael Hinojosa is one of three finalists for the Clark County/Las Vegas school chief position. The finalists are expected to be interviewed next week after several community-forum events, and a decision is expected in early October. Hinojosa has told multiple media outlets he didn’t seek the job and isn’t trying to get out of DISD, but his contract expires in 2012, and the board has twice declined to extend it, so it certainly makes sense for him to keep his options open.

The DMN has a number of stories about the topic, including comments from DISD board members, that are worth reading if you care about public education in Dallas. We’ll have some more coverage next week, after things settle down and we’ve talked with some local stakeholders. Meanwhile, here’s the text of a statement Hinojosa released today:

”I am humbled and honored to have been selected as a
finalist for the position of superintendent of Clark County Schools,
Nevada.  Clark County is the fifth largest school district in the
country and it serves more than 300,000 students in Las Vegas and the
surrounding area.
“This is not a position that I sought; I was contacted by the
firm conducting the search because there was apparently interest in me.
While that is indeed flattering, the accomplishments made in Dallas ISD
during the course of the last five years are not my work alone but
rather the result of the work of many people including current and
former school trustees, current and former top-level staff, principals,
thousands of dedicated teachers, aides, counselors, librarians and other
staff members, parents, community partners and, of course, students.
Dallas’ success’ story is beginning to be noticed by other urban school
districts throughout the country and, as a community, that is something
for which we should all be proud.
“Tomorrow, we will announce our final budget numbers from the
2009-10 school year.  These figures will indicate that major efforts
have been undertaken in the last two years to bring our finance system
in line and rebuild our school district’s fund balance.
“While these numbers will be positive, their importance pales in
comparison to the academic achievements over the last five years.  In
2005, Dallas had 6 exemplary schools.  This year, there are 66, along
with 59 recognized schools.  In addition, more students graduated from
high school this year in Dallas than at any time since the mid-1980s.
Of course, no one person can take credit for these achievements and, of
course, there is still work to be done.  We should all however, be proud
that our progress has been a community-wide effort.
“Again, it remains a privilege to continue to serve this board of
trustees, our committed staff, parents, students and stakeholders as
superintendent of schools, particularly since this is where I was raised
as a child.”

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