We all know not to send money to the Nigerian prince who needs your help to be freed from captivity. It’s one of the longest-running internet frauds that somehow refuses to die.

Now, high-tech scammers are up to new tricks in the neighborhood.

In December, Lakewood Heights neighbor Brooke Russo posted on Nextdoor about a man who knocked on her door and claimed that his lost phone was at her house. He was carrying a laptop and requested access to her Wi-Fi to prove his phone was there.

Several commenters on the social media site reported a similar scam a few months earlier.

Wi-Fi networks are the source of serious hacking, and you shouldn’t share your password with people you don’t know or trust. For added security, make sure your password is strong and change it every few months.

Next time a stranger knocks on your door and asks to use your Wi-Fi, just tell them you have dial up and call the police.

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