Living in Dallas isn’t getting cheaper.

Dallas residents pay higher rent and mortgage payments and more expensive car notes than most places in the United States. Residents of Dallas pay an average of $2,103 in monthly bills, according to data provided by the bill-paying app Doxo Inc.

Dallas ranks third in Texas, behind Austin, where the average is $2,300 and Brenham, where it’s $2,182. The average for monthly bills in Houston is $2,080, according to the data.

People in our neck of the woods are more likely to receive a statement from our multiple toll authorities as well. The most common billers in the Dallas, Fort Worth and Arlington area are the North Texas Toll Authority, NTTA ZipCash and TxTag.

Dallas also pays high bills compared to the rest of the United States, the numbers show. The average monthly bill payment nationally is $1,889, according to the data.