Last night I dreamed I was late for a soccer game and I was desperately searching for my shin guards and cleats—so frustrated that I was crying. Couldn’t find them anywhere. Thing is, I haven’t played soccer in a decade or so, so what does it all mean?

I could find out about this dream and other subconscious scenes at the School of Metaphysics. April 27-30, teachers from the school, located at 5832 Live Oak, will interpret your dreams, free, in person at the school or via the Dream Hotline at 417.345.8411.

The dream interpretation weekend will feature arts and crafts and family fun to boot.

Also, teacher Jenny Turkyilmaz, who is married to Advocate photographer Can Turkyilmaz, has offered to interpret dreams for readers. If you have one, mail me the details — — and we will post the interpretation here on the blog.

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