If you’ve driven down Lowest Greenville recently, you’ve probably seen evidence of these five things happening right now…

  • Construction on C’viche. You may or may not remember that we mentioned in October that five-star Dallas chef Randall Warder, the owner of Clark Food and Wine Co., is opening a c’viche and tequila bar right next door to Clark Food and Wine Co. “The idea is fast-casual style service,” he told us at the time. “It’s tiny. There’s only like 32 seats inside, but it’ll be bright colors and open.” Plus, it’ll share a front patio with Clark. Construction is well underway, and Warder says he thinks the location will open sometime in late-January.
  • The sign is up at Remedy. Construction is finished, and Remedy is set to open any day now. At this point management and staff are just working out the final kinks. Check in for more details about Remedy in the next week or two. For now, take a look back at what we already know.
  • Construction is underway on Village Baking Co. In case you missed it, Village Baking Co. is moving in where the old Pipedream smokeshop used to be on Lowest Greenville. Village Baking has a location on Upper Greenville at University, where it offers a selection of baked goods ranging from “the most delicate baguette delivered in an hour fresh out of the oven to the largest burger chain needs,” according to their website. They also work with the various market trends — organic, gluten free, etc.
  • Project Pie is taking its sweet time, but construction is (finally) happening. Way back in April, a new “fast casual custom pizza restaurant” announced it was coming to Lowest Greenville via a large banner sign. Project Pie is the brainchild of James Markham, who opened Mod Pizza in Seattle and Pieology in California. His website claims he “pioneered the category” of fast casual custom pizza. And then we waited… and waited. Months later, we’re finally seeing some dust stirring at the new location next door to Remedy.
  • And last but not least, the 6800-square-foot structure next to Trader Joe’s on Lowest Greenville is starting to look somewhat recognizable. The project will eventually become three new food joints, which you can read all about here.

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