A ‘fast casual custom pizza restaurant’ coming soon to Lower Greenville

Project PieIf the spring showers and bushy, green trees aren’t enough evidence of spring, the hustle and bustle of business activity throughout the neighborhood is. On Lower Greenville alone, there are at least three up-and-coming projects you should know about.

First, Project Pie, a new “fast casual custom pizza restaurant,” is coming soon to Lower Greenville. Project Pie is the brainchild of James Markham, who opened Mod Pizza in Seattle and Pieology in California. His website claims he “pioneered the category” of fast casual custom pizza. At any rate, it sounds interesting.

It is also nestled right smack in between two other projects on Lower Greenville: Steel City Pops and Remedy.

Steel City PopsSteel City Pops aims to change the way you eat popsicles. Sure, we all remember the popsicles of our youth, dripping on the sidewalk, making our hands sticky and turning our mouths unnatural colors. They were great, but they weren’t exactly gourmet, which is precisely what Steel City Pops hopes to do — create gourmet treats for the kids (and the kids at heart) in our neighborhood that are colorful, delicious, and even healthy. The owner, Jim Watkins, launched the idea in his home state Alabama in 2012, and now he’s bringing it to East Dallas. So get your taste buds ready for cool treats with flavors like Cucumber Lime, Blueberry Basil, Blood Orange, Raspberry Remedy coming soonLemon and more.

Finally, Remedy is the newest concept from Elias Pope, the founder of HG Sply Co. and Social Mechanics. We’re still waiting for Pope for cough up the dirty details, but we do know these three things: It’s named Remedy, it’s an old-fashioned soda fountain going into the old Public House space, and he derived the concept from a book called “Dispenser’s Formulary.”

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Brittany Nunn
BRITTANY NUNN is the Lakewood/East Dallas editor. Email bnunn@advocatemag.com