Photography by Jaime Dunaway.

In a neighborhood full of over-the-top Halloween displays, this house at the corner of Fitzhugh Avenue and Victor Street is one of the most impressive in East Dallas.

The house, belonging to Travis and Amy Ripley, has dead bodies buried in the front yard, a ghoul swaying on the front porch and spiders crawling down the front columns. Inside, cobwebs dust the furniture, where skeletons can be found lounging or playing the piano.

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The Ripleys started decorating for Halloween about seven years ago when they moved into their new home. It was first confined to the front porch while the rest of the house was being remodeled.

“The house was a wreck, but because it was Halloween, it was OK for the house to look a little a haunted,” Amy said.

As the renovation progressed, ornaments expanded to the rest of the home.

“With all the renovations, we expected to see some spirits or dead bodies but didn’t find anything, so we feel like we have to overcompensate,” Travis said.

It now takes the couple several weeks to deck their home and lawn. This year, Travis made a graveyard with wrought-iron fencing and columns made of insulated foam panels covered in mortar.

The decorations caught the eye of several neighbors, who walk down the street or drive by slowly in their cars to gape at the impressive display.

“Stay tuned,” Travis said. “It’s going to be even more over the top in the coming years.”

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