The Great American Bowl Off. (Photo courtesy of Craig Spivey.)

No sports, no problem. Bowlski’s owner Craig Spivey has you covered.

Neighbors can get their live-sports fix while watching the Great American Bowl Off between Spivey and his son, Garrett.

The best-of-three match is modeled after the 1970s game show “Bowling for Dollars” in which contestants competed to win cash and prizes.

Neighbors may not get the chance to roll their own strike, but they will have the opportunity to win bottles of wine and other prizes.

Anyone who buys a Bowlski’s gift card will automatically be entered for a chance to win an OGIO golf bag.

Use the gift card (or another form of payment) to order food, and you’ll also have the chance to pick up a bottle of wine with your takeout order. Whenever a pink pin appears in the No.1 spot, the Spiveys will draw a name and attempt to roll a strike to win that person a bottle of wine.

Players will adhere to social distancing guidelines, and bowling balls will be sanitized properly.

The inaugural match will be streamed at 9 p.m. Monday on Facebook Live. Each week will feature different members of the family.

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