I’ve been loosely following the story about this “highly organized” gang responsible for a series of home invasions around Dallas — perhaps most notable were two that took place at White Rock Area homes. During one of said attacks, masked robbers brutalized an 81-year-old retired lawyer William McGarvey in attempts to learn where he kept his money (they crushed one of his ears with pliers and poured water over his face to simulate drowning).

The mob’s mastermind was supposedly William Sedric Autrey, 39, former owner of the North Dallas nightclub Club X, who might have used the club to get info about potential victims. Earnest Lynn Ross, 43, is accused of being Autrey’s brutish co-conspirator, the one who inflicted, allegedly, aforementioned attack. Then they had a slew of both white-collar and street thugs working under them. This Morning News piece does a pretty thorough job of telling the story behind the gang’s formation and how police brought ‘em down — in a nutshell, Autrey got busted and brought down the whole operation in an effort to spare himself a life in the penitentiary.

This is a pretty fascinating case — I figure I’ll be more closely following what happens next.

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