It’s easy, no strings attached — just sign up and pick up your new addition, an infant elm or oak, during a designated day next spring.

Have you hugged a tree today? (Photography by Danny Fulgencio)

Trees: Not just pretty objects, future wood for your BBQ (tread carefully, pitmasters), a life preserver in a flood, an inconvenience for Oncor or the club where Kurt Cobain infamously punched a dude.

They literally chill, and improve the quality of, the air around them — quite cool, especially in a city that annually endures 40 or so triple-digit days.

In order to “reduce air pollution, cool neighborhoods and combat Climate Change,” Branch Out Dallas brings free trees to city dwellers. Each Dallas resident is allowed one 5-gallon oak, elm or redbud.

With proof of residency, you’ll register here and pick up your baby tree during a March event. If you aren’t sure where to plant, here’s your handy planting guide.

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