One Lakewood neighbor’s Halloween decoration has concocted more controversy than delight.

The front yard features a Frankenstein hanging from a noose attached to a tree. The monster is wearing overalls.

The decoration horrifies some neighbors, although not the way it was intended. According to CBS 11 News, they feel the imagery is insensitive and reminiscent of “a painful chapter in American history.”

“The rights of a homeowner, a white person in particular, to hang a decoration up like this have got to give way to the sensitivity we should have for all of our neighbors,” George Mason told CBS. 

Other neighbors said people are overreacting, and the homeowner is being bullied. They told the news outlet she’s used the decoration for 40 years and thinks it brings her grandchildren joy.

CBS 11 News tried to ask the homeowner for comment, but no one has answered the door.

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