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Lately I have been craving pizza in the worst way. I guess it’s the weather; the chill makes me want to stuff my face with something warm and hearty. Besides, bikini season is definitely over, so it’s time to work on my winter body. Bring on the grease. Extra cheese? Don’t mind if I do. All that to say, I’ve been on a mad pizza hunt for the past few weeks. Here’s a few of my findings:

First, My Family’s Pizza will be opening any day now, and I can’t wait. During an evening of particularly sever pizza cravings, I had the brilliant idea to drive to the original location of My Family’s Pizza at Preston and Royal (10720 Preston). I don’t suggest you follow in my footsteps because it took me two hours to get there in rush hour traffic, but if you decide you need to make the venture, here’s a little tip from me to you: the location is still called Pizza by Marco in Google maps, even though legally they had to change their name to My Family’s Pizza. I got a 10″ of the bruschetta, and the flavor was definitely worth the drive. However, between rush hour and holiday traffic in Dallas, you’d probably be better off waiting until the Lakewood location opens. If you have questions, give ’em a shout at 214.515.9009.

Taken from the Cane Rosso White Rock Facebook page

Taken from the Cane Rosso White Rock Facebook page

Another place I’ve discovered recently that has me dreaming of greased-up cheese globs is Pizza Getti in East Dallas. It’s a tad out of our neighborhood, but you don’t have to get on any major highways to get there. The restaurant celebrated its 45th anniversary this year, and apparently it used to be the go-to hangout for the after school Woodrow, Bryan Adams and Bishop Lynch crowd, so some of you might recognize it. For those who don’t, the family owned and operated restaurant serves up the kind of old-fashioned pizza that’ll put hair on your chest. So loosen your britches and zip up your coat; you’ve got five good months of hearty eating before swimsuit season rears its ugly head.

Also, I can’t talk about pizza without giving a nod to Scalini’s Pizza and Pasta and Greenville Avenue Pizza Company. Most of you probably don’t need to be reminded of these neighborhood favorites, but just in case. And, of course, forgetting Fireside Pies on Henderson or the fairly new Cane Rosso White Rock near Arboretum Village would be equally as terrible a crime.

I’m still on the quest for pizza nirvana, so if you have any suggestions, help a sister out and leave a comment.

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