Pizza prominence prevails as a popular pontification points here to East Dallas. The Food Network has finally weighed in with its list of the best pizza in the U.S.’s 52 largest cities.

The network named Cane Rosso as the premier pizza in the ‘plex. What began as a mobile oven now has six locations in Dallas with others in Austin, Fort Worth and Houston. The Neapolitan treat is cooked in just 90 seconds at 900 degrees and is a favorite for East Dallasites.

Though the restaurant may have struggled a bit with how to keep youths from destroying its patio fountain, the pizza is what draws the crowds. The off menu pies (like the Honey Badger) may be better than the numerous options on the menu, and there are deserts that include a s’mores calzone, Italian donuts and a desert pizza with Nutella.